Upcoming Activities & Events

The following lists PEAC Golf League upcoming activities & events:

Note:  Please go to the Special / Charity Golf Event page for additional non-League
Tournaments and Charity golf events.

Event Date Course Info Status
League Signup 3-1-2018
The 500 Club   Complete
Extended League Signup Deadline 4-13-2018     Complete
League Dues Deadline 4-13-2018     Complete
League Start 4-17-2018 The 500 Club    
League Play 4-17-2018
The 500 Club See 2018 League Standings Complete
League Playoffs 7-31-2018
The 500 Club See 2018 Playoff Standings In Progress
Gold Cup Signup 7-17-2018 Lookout Mountain Club Signup Active
Gold Cup Signup Deadline 9-9-2018 Lookout Mountain Club Signup Completed
Gold Cup Entry Fee Deadline 9-14-2018 Lookout Mountain Club   Completed
Gold Cup 9-22-2018 Lookout Mountain Club See 2015 Gold Cup Results Scheduled
2019 League Signup March 2019      

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