Golf League

Charter and Rules


League Founded in 1981

Revision 12

Date: 2/24/2008




Abstract: This document contains the Rules and Bylaws under which the PEAC Golf League operates.  It details the organization of the Golf League and its Rules Committee and outlines the expected behavior of League members.



ADOPTED    1981


REVISED      1984


REVISED      1986


REVISED      March1991                                                      J. Nicol

                                                                                          C. WIlliams

                                                                                          F. Hernandez

                                                                                          B. Luka

                                                                                          T Bartlett


REVISED      April1993                                                        R. Fackrell

                                                                                          R. Olson

                                                                                          B. McBreen

                                                                                          B. Luka


REVISED      April 1995                                                       L. Leemans

                                                                                          B. Luka

                                                                                          S. Wilson

                                                                                          F. Greco


REVISED      April 1997                                                       L. Leemans

                                                                                          B. Luka

                                                                                          S. Wilson

                                                                                          G. Gibson


REVISED      May 1998                                                       L. Leemans

                                                                                          B. Luka


REVISED      January 2000                                                  J. Nicol

                                                                                          B. Luka

                                                                                          S. Wilson

                                                                                          L. Leemans


REVISED      May 2001 (Proposed)                                      J. Nicol

                                                                                          B. Luka

                                                                                          S. Wilson

                                                                                          L. Leemans


REVISED      December 2001                                               Tony Nunziato

                                                                                          Neal Erdmann

                                                                                          Rich Fackrell

                                                                                          Doug Phillips


REVISED (Rev. 9.1) February 2002                                      Tony Nunziato

                                                                                          Neal Erdmann

                                                                                          Rich Fackrell

                                                                                          Doug Phillips


REVISED (Rev. 10) February 2003                                       Tony Nunziato

                                                                                          Neal Erdmann

                                                                                          Rich Fackrell

                                                                                          Doug Phillips


REVISED (Rev. 11) April 2004                                             Tony Nunziato

                                                                                          Neal Erdmann

                                                                                          Rich Fackrell

                                                                                          Doug Phillips


REVISED (Rev. 12) March 2008                                           Tony Nunziato

                                                                                          Neal Erdmann

                                                                                          Bob Hidaka

                                                                                          Doug Phillips






Background. 56

1.2      Purpose of League. 56

1.3      League Structure. 56

1.4      Team Structure. 67

1.5      Rules Committee. 78

1.6      League Administration. 89

1.6.1      League Operations. 89

1.6.2      Rules & Bylaws Changes. 89

1.6.3      Captain's Precedence. 89

1.7      Course and Day(s) of Play. 89

1.8      League Dues. 910

1.9      Rules for Play. 910

2     HANDICAPS. 1011

2.1      General 1011

3     LEAGUE PLAY.. 1112

3.1      General 1112

3.2      Tees to be Played. 1112

3.3      Schedule. 1112

3.4      Etiquette. 1112

3.5      Point Scoring. 1112

3.6      Scorecards. 1213

3.7      Forfeits. 1213

3.7.1      Total Forfeit 1213

3.7.2      Low Net Score Forfeit 1314

3.7.3      Match Forfeit 1314

3.8      Rescheduling of a Match. 1415

3.9      Inclement Weather and Darkness. 1415

3.9.1      Canceled Play. 1415

3.9.2      Suspended Play. 1415

3.10    The League Tournament (Sub-League Playoffs). 1516

3.11    Golf League Gold Cup. 1516

3.12    Prizes and Trophies. 1617

3.13    League Playing Rules. 1617

3.13.1     League Rule 1 - Preferred Lies & Winter Rules. 1617

3.13.2     League Rule 2 - Out of Bounds. 1617

3.13.3     League Rule 3 - Desert / Lost Ball Rule. 1718

3.13.4     League Rule 4 - Maximum Stroke Limit 1719

3.13.5     League Rule 5 - Lost Ball 1719


4.1      General 1820

4.2      Penalties for Slow Play. 1820


1.1       Background

The PEAC Golf League was formed to afford employees, former employees, and retirees of AG Communication Systems, AGCS hereafter, or Lucent Technologies, Lucent hereafter, and their family members the opportunity to play golf in an enjoyable and friendly setting.  The handicap and scoring systems used were designed to make this a fun, yet competitive league.

Since AGCS was absorbed by Lucent and Lucent itself was drastically downsized over the past few years, and now absorbed by Alcatel-Lucent, an increasing number of the PEAC Golf League, League hereafter, are either retirees or are no longer employees.  It was also uncertain if PEAC would remain a viable entity that provided oversight, guidance, and limited financial support to the League.  As a result, the League undertook relocation of its assets, golf programs, data, and Web site off of Lucent computing resources and has founded an external Web site for the benefit of its membership at  These actions were in preparation for eventual separation from Lucent as an organization.  The PEAC Golf League is presently a stand alone entity.

The upshot of this is that the League is being opened to a larger number of non-retiree, non-employee members which necessitates modification of the original purpose as detailed in the following section.

1.2       Purpose of League

The PEAC Golf League is formed to afford members, comprised of employees, former employees, retirees of AG Communication Systems, AGCS hereafter, or Lucent Technologies, Lucent hereafter, or Alcatel-Lucent, AL hereafter, their immediate family members, and others from the general golf community the opportunity to play golf in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.  The League provides the structure for friendly sanctioned golf competition per established golf practices and rules, and provides financial benefit to its membership through the leverage afforded by the negotiating power of the League.  The handicap and scoring systems used are designed to make this a fun, yet competitive League.

1.3       League Structure

The League will be divided into major Sub-leagues, per night of play.  Each of these Sub-Leagues must have a minimum of six teams for formation.  Each Sub-League may have a minimum of two Divisions within them and each Division will be made up of a maximum of ten teams.  All efforts will be made by both the Rules Committee, and the Team Captains, to ensure an equal amount of teams playing in each Division.  In each Sub-League, Division 2 will only be created if the Sub-League has more than eleven teams within it; if there are only eleven teams, then only one Division will be created and a “Bye” week playing format will followed.  Bye week playing formats will also be created in the event that there are an odd number of teams in any Division of a Sub-League.

League members may play in multiple Sub-Leagues, but may not play within multiple Divisions of the same Sub-League.

The Divisions are arranged by calculating the average handicap for each team and ranking each team in order of lowest to highest.  Typically, the ten teams with the lowest team average handicap will make up Division 1; the next ten teams will make up Division 2, and so on.

1.4       Team Structure

Teams must be formed by the date specified by the Rules Committee, which must give at least three weeks notice for the sign-up of a team.  Each team is composed of two or more golfers (three or four is suggested, less than three is discouraged) with a maximum of eight golfers.  Each team shall be composed of valid members of the PEAC Golf League (See below).  One team member must be designated as Team Captain.  The Team Captain’s responsibility is to act as the team’s representative at all League meetings, payment of all League Dues, controls the vote for the team on such matters as League rule changes, League election of officers, and League disputes brought forward by the Rules Committee.  Team roster changes after the beginning of the League matches, must be approved by the Rules Committee.

Each team fields two golfers for each night of League competition.  Each team member is ranked in order of handicap.  Each golfer in a team plays a 9-hole match against each golfer of an opposing team.  Each team also plays a 9-hole net stroke play match against the opposing team (Please see "Point Scoring" in section 3.5 later in this document for details.).  The ranking for all teams and individuals will be published before the next week's match in a weekly handicap bulletin (i.e. Standings) that is distributed to the Captains of all golf teams.  This Standing publication will be the League’s official League handicap posting.


A valid member of the PEAC Golf League is deemed to be:

A.    An employee or an immediate family member of an employee of AGCS, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, or
other affiliated company of at least eighteen years of age.  The Rules Committee, at their discretion, may waive the minimum age requirement.

B.    A retiree or former employee, or immediate family member from AG Communication Systems, GTE Automatic Electric, GTE Communication Systems, or Automatic Electric, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, or other affiliated company.

C.    A person not meeting the requirements of either criteria “A” or “B” above, but was a member in good standing of the League during the prior season of play.

D.    The Rules Committee, at their discretion, may allow persons not qualifying under criterion "A" through "C" above, to join the PEAC Golf League at the request of a valid member of the League as defined in criterion "A" through "C" above provided that such does not displace nor disallow a person qualifying under criterion "A" through "C" above from becoming a member of, and participating in, the PEAC Golf League.


Note: Members qualifying under criteria “C” or “D” above may pay a different League Dues fee than those meeting criteria “A” or “B”.  The Rules Committee, at their sole discretion, will determine such fee.


1.5       Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is the governing body of the PEAC Golf League.  The Rules Committee has the authority to remove any person from the League that is a detriment to the League.

Elected Officers of the Rules Committee serve a one year term from November 1 to September 31.  The amount of terms served is solely up to the League membership via the election process, or an Officer decides to no longer serve as a League Officer.

Rule Committee/Officer nominations are requested from the League membership within 30 days of the playing of the Golf League Gold Cup.  Nominated members must be active Golf League members.  The six highest nominees will be asked to accept nomination.  If any should refuse, the current Rules Committee will seek acceptance from the next highest vote recipient until six candidates have accepted nomination.

An election will then be held by election ballot with each team having one vote to be cast by their Team Captain.  Each vote will contain the names of no more than four candidates. The four candidates receiving the most votes will be declared the new Rules Committee for the following year.

In consideration for the time and talent these Officers give of themselves to the League all League dues, tournament, and Golf League Gold Cup fees are waived during their term of office.

The newly elected Rules Committee will decide amongst themselves who will act as League Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, Score Keeper, Tournament Director, and President.

Rules Committee member that has served for more than five continues years, should they voluntarily step down, their annual League Dues will covered by the League, so long as these dues are $20 of less and the member continues his/her participation in the League.  For the purposes of continued League participation, the member must participate in League play a minimum of two appearances per season, including any League tournaments (e.g. Kickoff Tournament, Gold Cup, etc.).

1.6       League Administration

Although the Rules Committee is the governing body of the PEAC Golf League, and has sole discretion for Rules & Bylaws changes and updates, the Rules Committee's prime objective is to administer the Golf League in accordance with the needs and desires of the League membership (i.e. the League is for the benefit of the membership, have elected the Rules Committee to administer the League, and should have a say in League administration).  Therefore, the Rules Committee will solicit voting by the Team Captains on issues of League operations and Rules & Bylaws changes as detailed in the following sub-sections.

1.6.1     League Operations

The Rules Committee when deciding issues dealing with League operations (e.g. course selection, green fee ranges, prizes, etc.), will solicit representative voting by the Captains with one vote per Team member allocated to each Captain.

In the case that Team members participate in multiple Sub-Leagues, only one vote will be allocated to the Captain of that Members' Team for their earliest Sub-League night of play during the week.

1.6.2     Rules & Bylaws Changes

The Rules Committee when deciding issues dealing with Rules & Bylaws issues and changes, will solicit guidance with voting by the League Captains, one vote per Captain, but will have ultimate discretion for Rules interpretation and changes.

In the case that a Team participates in multiple Sub-Leagues, only one vote will be allocated to the Captain of the Team for that Team's earliest Sub-League night of play during the week.

1.6.3     Captain's Precedence

If a Captain is also a Team Member in another Sub-League, being Captain takes precedence for earliest Sub-League night of play determination.

1.7       Course and Day(s) of Play

For League play the Rules Committee will seek recommendations from the Team Captains regarding courses, acceptable green fees and days for play.  The Committee will then negotiate with the recommended courses and submit back to the Team Captains their findings.  A Captain’s vote will be taken per section 1.6, "League Administration", and the course(s) receiving the majority of the votes shall be contracted with.  In the event a majority cannot be achieved, the Rules Committee will cast the deciding vote.

1.8       League Dues

League dues are established at the sole discretion of the Rules Committee who may solicit guidance with voting by the League Captains, one vote per Captain, or the League Membership at large, one vote per Member, but will retain ultimate discretion upon the establishment of League dues.

League dues are determined by the amount of golf a member desires to play.  Initial dues are levied per season for PEAC Golf League Member category "A" or "B" defined in section 1.4, "Team Structure", and a potential different, or additional fee levied for PEAC Golf League Member category "C" or "D" in section 1.4, "Team Structure".  If a member wishes to play in multiple Sub-Leagues an additional $5 fee is assessed per Sub-League.

All League dues are payable by the first Friday before the first day of League play.  If any member of a team has not paid their dues by this date, the Team Captain will be notified and must decide to either pay the dues owed, or drop the player from the Team roster.

1.9       Rules for Play

The League is played according to the USGA’s “THE RULES OF GOLF MANUAL” (current year), interpretations of which are that of the Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee has no power to waive a rule of golf.

In addition, these League Rules & Bylaws contain modifications and additions to the USGA Rules that constitute “local” Rules for League play, interpretations of which are solely that of the Rules Committee.  The League Rules identified in “League Rules for Play” in section 3.13 have been designed to speed League play and make play more friendly and enjoyable.


2.1       General

Handicaps are computed using the EQUITABLE STROKE CONTROL (ESC) system according to the USGA's "THE RULES OF GOLF MANUAL" (current year) (See also section 1.9, "Rules for Play") with the exception of the League Max-Out rule (See League Rule 4 - Maximum Stroke Limit in section 3.13.4) that limits the upper range of the ESC calculations.  A score is adjusted downward when, due to one or more unusually high scores on individual holes, the score is abnormal in relation to the player's general ability.

This system for computing handicaps affects only the handicap of a golfer.  It has no bearing on any stroke or match play, low gross or low net, or any awards that the League might have established for the current season.

The golfer's score is further adjusted to the course rating e.g. Course par = 72, Course rating = 70 or 35 (9 holes).  A score of 45 is entered as 46 in the golfer's history file (assuming there were no adjustments already made using the ESC formula).  All score adjustments associated with the course rating are made by the Score Keeper.

A handicap is calculated on the best 10 of 20 or best 50% of matches played.  After 20 matches of play are recorded, the "oldest" match score is replaced by the next match score.  This handicap system is based on the total differential in accordance with the handicap table.

Any score that is older than three years is removed from the golfer's history file at the start of each League season.

The holes on which a handicap is given conform to the USGA method.  Handicap holes are shown on each scorecard.  The most difficult hole on a golf course is given a handicap of "1" and the least difficult is given a handicap of "18".  The number of handicap strokes that an individual can be given is based on the course.  Two strokes can be given on par 5 holes and one stroke on all par 3 and par 4 holes.  Therefore, the maximum number of strokes that a golfer can receive is:

          (Number of par 3 and 4 holes) + 2(Number of par 5 holes)


3.1       General

The League season starts near the end of April and will be scheduled to finish by the end of August, normally spanning 14 weeks of League play.  League seasons can be shortened or lengthened due to weather or other unforeseen events.

3.2       Tees to be Played

Males will play from the regular men's tees (typically, the white tees) during all Golf League play, including tournaments and playoffs.

Females will play from the regular ladies' tees (typically, the red tees) during all Golf League play, including tournaments and playoffs.

The Rules Committee will designate the men’s and woman’s tees at the beginning of the League season and for all tournaments and playoffs, since not all courses will use the typical regular tee coloration.

3.3       Schedule

Each team plays every other team in their Division at least twice.  Schedules will be posted one week prior to the start of the season.  Following the regular season of play, a playoff will be held to determine the overall winner of each Sub-League.

3.4       Etiquette

A major part of the game of golf involves etiquette.  Always be considerate of the other players on the golf course with you.

Shouting should be restricted to "Fore!".

Don't talk, make noise or move around unnecessarily while other players are in the process of hitting a shot.

Don't drive a cart up to the next tee while the group in front of you is in the process of hitting their tee shots.  Approach the tee quietly and with consideration of the other players.  Better still, don’t crowd the tee box!

3.5       Point Scoring

Each team must have two players present for each match (See section 3.7, "Forfeits").  Individual match play, where each player of a Team plays each of the opposing Team players, and Team low net stroke play as a Team match determine the scoring.  Each individual golfer match is played for one point against the two opposing Team players, so there are a total of four match points at stake each week for individual match play.  In addition, the team with the lowest aggregate net score of stroke play receives four points for Team low net stroke play.  Thus, eight total points are at stake for each scheduled outing.  Any ties result in halving the points, so half-points are possible under this method.

3.6       Scorecards

Legibility is essential for League play, tournaments, and playoffs as the Score Keeper and/or his assignees must read each scorecard and manually enter players scores into the League golf program.

The names of the two teams must be written legibly on the scorecard.  The full names, or at least the last names of each player must also be written legibly on the scorecard.  Please do not write first names only.  The chances that all four players have unique first names within the Golf League are slim and could result in mis-recorded scores.  The date must also be written legibly on the scorecard.

It is suggested that players can make a small mark in the top right-hand side of the box allocated for a score to indicate whether a stroke is given or taken at that hole.  A circle may be drawn round a score for a hole to indicate whether the hole was won or lost.  Neither of these indications should interfere with the legibility of the actual score for a hole.  No other extraneous marks should be made on the scorecard.

It is suggested that if neither team has a suitably presentable scorecard, then a new card should be filled out with the proper scores and signed as below.

A member of both teams must sign the golf scorecard being submitted to the Score Keeper, or his designee immediately after play.  The golf scorecard is official and must not be altered after it is signed.  The card must be turned in to a member of the Rules Committee (or designated representative) on the evening of play or as soon as possible the next day.

Occasionally, an error occurs in the ranking of and/or handicap of a golfer on the weekly bulletin.  The Team is responsible for calling such discrepancies to the attention of the Score Keeper before the next match.  The Score Keeper shall notify the opposing team of any corrections to the scores.

3.7       Forfeits

Three types of forfeits are recognized by the PEAC Golf League and the Rules Committee.  These are a Total Forfeit, a Low Net Score Forfeit, and a Match Play Forfeit.  The following text describes the conditions of each type and how the points are awarded.

3.7.1     Total Forfeit

If a match is scheduled and a team does not show for the arranged tee-time, the match is in danger of being entirely forfeited.  If the team does not show, after the team present has teed off from the second hole assigned, the matches are totally forfeited and all points (8) are awarded to the team which showed up.  The winning team may continue to play, however their scores will not be entered into the handicap database.

If one member of the team does not show up for the arranged tee-time the match must be started.  The late player is allowed to join the match anytime prior to the completion of the second hole (A hole is considered completed when all present golfers hole out).  If the member arrives at the 2nd hole, and that hole has not been completed, the late player is allowed to play the second hole as long as no other team has started the hole and his/her opponents witness his/her shots.

3.7.2     Low Net Score Forfeit

In the event, the late player does not show after completion of the second hole, the present member of his/her team must continue to play both opposing team members in match play for his/her match points (2), one for each of two matches with an opposing team player.  If he/she wins both matches, two points are awarded.  The low net score points (4) are automatically forfeited to the team who is totally present, as are the late player's match points (2), one for each of two matches with an opposing team player.


Note: Under this scenario, the team having only one player, can win a maximum of only two (2) points.

3.7.3     Match Forfeit

In the event the late player arrives prior to completion of the second hole, he/she automatically loses the holes not played.  Play continues with the late player teeing off at either the second or third hole assigned.  The score for those lost holes will be based on the player’s handicap and marked according to the Equitable stroke rule.


EXAMPLE: If a player, having a 9-hole handicap of 12, did not play a par 4 hole, he/she will lose that hole and a 7 will be used for the Low Net Score calculation.


For a shotgun start, a team or team member must follow the same rules as above.

Any team that forfeits two matches (no-show for the entire team) in a season is disqualified for the remainder of that season.  All eight points are forfeited to all teams in their Division, regardless of previous match outcomes.  The Team is also disqualified from participating in any tournaments.

The Rules Committee can waive a disqualification only if it is the result of a valid work-related problem.

3.8       Rescheduling of a Match

Any team that cannot field any players for a match can reschedule the match if agreeable to the opposing team members.  The Rules Committee and the opposing team must be given at least 24 hours notice of the rescheduling.  The rescheduled game must be played before the first League night of play the following week.  Only one match per Team may be rescheduled.  If a Team must reschedule more matches than this, it must be due to a work related issue and will be ruled on by the Rules Committee.

3.9       Inclement Weather and Darkness

3.9.1     Canceled Play

Any member of the Rules Committee can cancel a League outing due to inclement weather before the first foursome has teed off.  All scheduled matches will be played on the following week and the entire League schedule will be moved out accordingly.

3.9.2     Suspended Play

Once play begins (all players teeing off of the first hole assigned), the match may be suspended.  An individual player may leave in the event of lightning where he/she believes it is too dangerous to continue play.  The other players have the option to continue the match.  Golfers must finish at least seven holes of play to complete a match.  If less than seven holes are played, those players that stopped playing must complete the round within seven days or consider their matches to be a forfeit.  Play will resume on the first hole not completed.  Only those holes not originally completed are scored when play resumes.

For those players that complete less than nine holes, the golfer's handicap is figured on the holes played.  Match play results are also based on those holes actually played.  For team low net score, the nine-hole score is computed as follows:


9 hole score = ( 7 hole score - 7 hole par ) x 9/7 + 9 hole par


9 hole score = ( 8 hole score - 8 hole par ) x 9/8 + 9 hole par


When a round is cancelled, all scores, penalties and forfeits in that round are cancelled.  Re-play of the match commences from the first tee assigned.  The League schedule will move out one week.

3.10   The League Tournament (Sub-League Playoffs)

At the end of regular season play, a tournament is held for all teams in each Sub-League.  Total team points won during the entire season within each Division sets the seed order.  The team who wins each Division will win a cash prize to be divided equally among each team member.  The team who wins the Sub-League tournament will also win a cash prize to be divided equally among each team member.  The size of the cash prizes will be determined by the Rules Committee prior to the start of league play and will be based upon the number of teams and total number of members in the Division.

During the Sub-League Tournament each team must have 2 players present for each match.  Match play and low net determine the scoring with the calculations being the same as that used during the regular League season (See section 3.5, "Point Scoring" for details).  Ties however, will be broken as follows:  After allocation of real course handicaps for all four players of the match, the net Team results of the hardest hole would determine the winners.  If it is still a tie, then net scores on the next-hardest hole would be compared, and so on until the winners were determined.


EXAMPLE:  If a 3 handicap player is matched against a 6 handicap player, BOTH players get 1 stroke on the hardest hole; if the net results are still tied, BOTH players get 1 stroke on the second hardest hole; if the net results are still tied, BOTH players get 1 stroke on the third hardest hole; if the net results are still tied ONLY the 6 handicap player would get strokes on the next 3 hardest holes, and if the net results were still tied after those 3 holes, neither player would get strokes on the remaining holes.  Note that this same scheme would apply to both matches resulting in a net Team score result...only one match was detailed in this example for simplicity.


The final Sub-League tournament playoff round is an 18-hole match.  Only two members of each team will play at any one time, but other members may be substituted after the first nine holes.

3.11   Golf League Gold Cup

The Golf League Gold Cup shall be held after the Sub-League playoffs are completed unless unforeseen events occurred during the season of play preventing this from occurring.  The Gold Cup is the Golf League individual championship tournament.

There are two winners of the Gold Cup; low gross and low net.  The winners must be active Golf League members to win the low gross and must have a valid (6 minimum outings of League play in the League scoring database, i.e. 6 minimum scores within the 3 past years, as the League scores are retained for 3 years) Golf League handicap for low net.  Any individual qualifying for both low gross and low net awards and prizes is only honored as the low gross golfer with the next low net golfer being honored as the low net golfer.

Other tournament arrangements are determined by the Rules Committee.

All ties are broken by scorecard comparisons of the best net score on the most difficult handicap holes.

3.12   Prizes and Trophies

The Rules Committee depending on the funds available to the League decides on all prizes and trophies; however, it is the intention of the Rules Committee to ensure that prizes are available for the winner of each Division, Sub-League Playoffs, and the Low Gross and Low Net winner of the Gold Cup.

3.13   League Playing Rules

All local course rules apply as stated on the course scorecard.  The following League Rules are enforced in order to speed up play:

3.13.1  League Rule 1 - Preferred Lies & Winter Rules

A ball must be played as it lies unless otherwise stated by the Rules Committee.

Players may lift the ball from "Ground Under Repair".  The definition for "Ground Under Repair" includes any grass-less fairway or damaged putting greens, which would affect the performance of the golfer.  This includes new sod but excludes rough.

3.13.2  League Rule 2 - Out of Bounds

If a ball is "deemed" to be out-of-bounds (i.e. if the ball has crossed a boundary of the course marked with white stakes) and a provisional ball was not played, then a two-stroke penalty will be added to the golfer's score instead of the usual stroke-and-distance penalty.  The ball can be dropped two club lengths from the point that the ball entered the out-of-bounds area.


NOTE:  In the case of the Out-of-Bounds Rule, "deemed" means either the ball has been observed by someone, found by someone, or declared by the owner, to have entered the out-of-bounds area.



3.13.3  League Rule 3 - Desert / Lost Ball Rule

If the ball gets hit into the desert, whether the ball is found or not (as long as the ball is not out-of-bounds - see next paragraph), the player has several options.  Play the ball as it lies or use the desert rule.  You do not have to find the ball to take advantage of this rule.  You have a time limit of three (3) minutes to find your ball.  Drop the ball outside the desert area as close to point of entry into the desert, add 1 stroke penalty to the golfer's score, and continue the round.

However, if your ball is out-of-bounds, you will have to play the ball as such (see Rule 2 above).


3.13.4  League Rule 4 - Maximum Stroke Limit

The maximum number of strokes (including all penalties) that a golfer is allowed to score on any hole is as follows:


PAR 3 -        8 strokes

PAR 4 -        10 strokes

PAR 5 -        12 strokes


The ball must be picked up when the maximum stroke limit is reached in order to speed up play.  If both players score the maximum stroke limit then the hole is halved.


NOTE: If a player on a Par 5 holes out on his twelfth stroke then the scorecard should be marked with a "12".  If, on the other hand, the player reaches his twelfth stroke without holing out, then the scorecard should be marked with an "M".  A player who has reached the maximum stroke limit will lose the hole to a player taking (par x 2) + 2 strokes to hole out.


3.13.5  League Rule 5 - Lost Ball

If a ball is deemed to be lost in play (i.e. cannot be found), a player may drop a new ball for a one-stroke penalty added to the golfer's score, and continue the round.  The ball can be dropped two club lengths from the point that the ball was believed to have been lost, or entered the desert (see Rule 3 above).  A time limit of three (3) minutes to search for a lost ball is enforced by playing partners.

However, if your ball is out-of-bounds, you will have to play the ball as such (see Rule 2 above).


4.1       General

Slow play is a problem common to most clubs and a concern of all Golf Associations.  In attempting to cope with slow play, the Rules Committee is recommending that all members read, understand and adhere to the following guidelines:


·       Before starting each round of golf, know your handicap and familiarize yourself with the local rules.

·       Do not practice swing or waggle unnecessarily.

·       Size up your shot while other players are playing their shots so that you are ready to play when it is your turn.

·       Line up where your ball lands with objects in that area to avoid spending excess time looking for the ball.

·       Do not distract and delay other players with idle chatter.

·       A golfer should putt continuously until the ball is in the hole unless this requires standing in another golfer's line.

·       Save your scorekeeping until the next tee, not the putting green.

·       Park the golf cart at a point between the putting green and the access to the next tee.  Never park the golf cart on the front of the green unless the access to the next tee is from the front.

·       Play ready golf.  There are no "honors" in the Golf League.  If you are closer to the green and ready to hit before one of your playing partners, then hit your shot.  Don't wait.

·       Always keep within a hole of the group you are following.  If you lose touch with the group in front and you notice that the following group is always waiting for you to move before playing their shots, then wave them through.  No group should have to ask to be allowed to play through.  If you are more than one hole distant from the group in front and the following group asks to play through, then let them.  Don't argue.  This is not a Golf League rule - it is one of the fundamental etiquettes of golf!

4.2       Penalties for Slow Play

The goal for finishing a nine (9) hole match is two hours, fifteen minutes (2:15) or less.  Any team that the Rules Committee has received written complaints about slow play on two separate occasions during any single season of League play will be subject to an eight-point penalty.

The Rules Committee will have the authority to remove any team from the League receiving three (3) written complaints about slow play on three separate occasions during League play within a single season.  Any team removed in this manner is not eligible to participate in the Sub-League playoffs.






















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