The course being played this year for the PEAC Golf League is once again The 500 Club. 

League dues this year will be $25 for the full season for any League member

League play starts Tuesday, April 17th (alternating 9's).  Tee off time is 4:30 pm.  Please be there by 4:15pm the latest!

The weekly golf fees this season will be $17 (includes cart, tax, player service and league fee).  The fees do not include range balls (see Range Balls for details).  Range ball tokens are available for $2 from the Pro Shop.

Once again this season there will be an optional $3 prize fund.  See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for details.

Additional information about the course and League can be found on the FAQ and Course Info pages.

Refreshment Service (i.e. a beverage cart) will be available during league play.  The restaurant will remain open and beer will be available after completion of League play.  Last call will be at 8:00 PM, front gate locks at 8:15 PM.

The Rules Committee recommends four players per team as the optimum. However, a team will be allowed to contain two to eight players.   

Please sign up using the form below. 

Please submit your dues payments to Doug Phillips via the directions below.  We would appreciate 1 check per team please!

Make checks out to “Doug Phillips” and return to Doug Phillips via US Mail at the address shown below.

                        Doug Phillips

                        45425 N. 14th St.

                        New River, AZ 85087-7387


League Sign-Up deadline is Friday, March 30th.


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DID YOU PLAY IN THIS LEAGUE LAST SEASON? Payment to Doug Phillips required before team is entered into the league
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